Event Safety III

Event Safety III builds on from Event Safety II, by adding further theory, but focusing on application, problematization and, most importantly, linking the different aspects of event safety together.The principle aim of this course is for participants to understand the complexity of event safety, the need for balancing experience and safety at events, as well as the potential negative repercussions resulting from safety measures. These aspects are primarily applied and practiced within crowd management.

Target group

The course is primarily aimed at safety management personnel who want to acquire further training. Successful completion of Event Safety II is required for admittance to this course.

Course format

The course is academic in format and amounts to 8 ECTS credits. The course runs over a 3.5 month period. During this period there are three physical meetings and six assignments with individual work in-between.

General learning outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Apply the theories and principles of event safety and understand the effects of these principles.

  • Find creative solutions for safety related problems.